Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip
Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip
Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip
Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip
Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip

Small Toddler Girl Halloween Black Lace Bow Hair Clip

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This item is handcrafted in California.

 These delightful black sparkle bat-shaped baby toddler hair clips will add a touch of magic to your child's look. Crafted with care, each clip features a sturdy design to keep those adorable locks in place during their festive adventures. Perfect for parties, trick-or-treating, or everyday wear, these bat-shaped hair clips will make your little pumpkin the star of the season!

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My daughter loves wearing her bummies! It's one of our favorites and soo comfortable.

Sarah G.
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely beautiful , cant wait to put on my baby witch when shes born in October.

Jenni L.
Houston, TX

So cute! True to size, looks just like the picture and wonderful quality! Very happy with this product!

Trina B.
San Diego, CA